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     WebGuy Data Recovery Service provides a comprehensive data recovery service. We understand the value of how important your data can be to you and the importance of salvaging what you see dear to you.
    At WebGuy Its expected to provide the best quality work at a cost that doesn’t break your budget.
     WebGuy’s three tier method pricing is as follows:
  •  $65 to inspect a drive. If the drive is not damaged, the initial charge will cover the expense.
  • If a drive is damaged, an additional $135 will be added.
  • If a drive is dead, the cost will be $200 on top of the initial inspection fee.
  • If a drive is Completely Corrupted inside (i.e Water damage), but Data is recovered, a total cost of $700 will be charged.
     At Webguy’s, we offer quality work at extremely competitive pricing! Contact us today for a free estimate!